Piccadilly Ref: 147190 Health-Optimizing Flat Shoe with PICCADILLY MAXITHERAPY – ANVISA Certified Black

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Revised Product Description for Silver Flat Shoe with 1.0cm Heel:

Elevate your fashion game with these striking snake-printed silver flats featuring a comfortable 1.0cm heel height.

Key Highlights:

- Silver Elegance: Step out in style with these eye-catching snake-printed silver flats that effortlessly enhance your outfit.

- Piccadilly Quality: Discover the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with Piccadilly, a trusted brand renowned for its fusion of style and comfort.

- Flat Heel Design: Experience stability and ease during your busy days and nights with the flat heel design, perfect for on-the-go comfort.

- All-Day Comfort: Designed with your comfort in mind, these flats ensure you feel fantastic from dawn to dusk.

- Versatile Chic: Whether you're heading to the office, a romantic dinner, or a casual outing, these silver flats are the ideal choice to complete your ensemble.

Elevate your style and comfort with the Piccadilly Ref: 122005 Silver Flat Shoe. Upgrade your footwear collection today!

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The Piccadilly brand is recognised for its superior quality and supplies shoes to many airlines companies. Check here
 more comfort differentials.  

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Size 35European/33Brazilian=22.8cm

Size 36European/34Brazilian=23.4cm

Size 37European/35Brazilian=24.0cm

Size 38European/36Brazilian=24.8cm

Size 39European/37Brazilian=25.5cm

Size 40European/38Brazilian=26.1cm

Size 41European/39Brazilian=26.8cm

Size 42European/40Brazilian=27.5cm


 Kids sizes: 

Size 32European/30Brazilian=20.3cm

Size 33European/31Brazilian=21.0cm

Size 34European/32Brazilian=21.6cm

Top Lining: 3mm Foam and Gel

Bottom Lining: 5mm Thick Breathable Foam with anti-bacterial & fungicide treatment that prevents odors. Foam pillow relieves the impact while walking and massage the feet.

Outer Sole: Rubber Non Slip TR

Upper: Italian High Performance Material. As well as being ecologically friendly, it is a material with a classy look, superior in quality and with various benefits.

- Lightness: a resistant and extremely light material, weighing 1/3 less than leather, providing comfort while walking. 
- Multi-functional: uniting softness and durability, it is comfortable and does not lose its shape with use. 
- Versatility: can be given various colors and textures, such as snake skin, crocodile skin, etc. 
- Ecological: no animals are harmed in the manufacture and its residue can be recycled and reprocessed entirely
- Heat comfort: does not allow cold or heat to enter into the inside of the show, maintaining body temperature. 
- Breathability: allows feet to breath, avoiding the accumulation of moisture. 
- Antibacterial and bacteriostatic: treatments that ensure the health and hygiene of feet. 
- Waterproof: prevents water from entering into the shoe.

- Curiosity: same material used on the World Cup football and on high-performance sport sneakers.