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Fashion 70s: to inspire


Posted on March 14 2018

Fashion 70s: to inspire

Fashion of 70's: to inspire

MARCH 13, 2018

Translated from Portuguese Piccadilly Brazilian Blog. 

Have you noticed that fashion comes and goes? No matter how long it takes, trends that have been successful in previous decades are coming back, some more often and some slowing down a bit. The 70s, for example, were pure inspiration with the mix of references and styles.

This decade is known for spreading freedom and feminine independence. At that time we found the courage to merge retro, classic and modern, which allowed different interpretations of style.

It is good to know that when trends come back they are not the same as they once were. The idea is to understand what was already fashionable and to seek inspiration in the time that you want. The trends reappear with new faces, more contemporary prints, more neutral colors and new fabrics, for example. This is the secret to not seem to be fantasized from the '70s: to inspire oneself and not just copy.

Do not forget that when thinking about fashion trends, we are also talking about shoes. It can make all the difference in your look. Want to enjoy and think about a 70's total look? Check out our tips:

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