Piccadilly Women’s Shoes has a strong business model. Our belief is tradition and innovation designing comfortable shoes for women. The brand of 59 years has been a world success, renewing itself each season, offering supreme quality.

Rich history, 8 production plants beginning in the South of Brazil and approximately 4000 employees.

Piccadilly constantly invests in new technologies and new materials to develop comfortable footwear that also aligns with international fashion trends.

Known as one of the 5 largest footwear companies in Brazil with an astounding daily production of 60,000 pairs per day, Piccadilly is committed to offering the best footwear to women with fashion flair, youthful spirit and unique style and comfortable shoes for women.

The Piccadilly footwear repertoire now also includes a quality certificate issued by the leading authority in the footwear technology industry from Satra Technology Centre, England promoting comfortable shoes for women.

Piccadilly’s comfortable shoes for women technology

The comfort and oomph in Piccadilly shoes come from a simple recipe; tested analysed new technologies which are nationally and internationally researched. The upper parts of our shoes are made from high performance material, specially imported from Italy and exclusive to Piccadilly, this material is PVC free. All Piccadilly materials are developed by in house technicians in partnership with Italian specialists; making for many advantages listed as follows:

1. A Silent Heel for Women’s Shoes

Taking the clunk out of your heel, this technology keeps noise at bay. This softer material with less friction makes for less noise when walking. The synthetic upper weighs a third of leather – this makes a big difference in the final product.


2. Maxitherapy Women’s Shoes Comfort Technology

MaxiTherapy Technology is the new generation of comfort, a cushioned and luscious experience for your feet ensuring maximum comfort when worn;preventing heat transfers from outside temperatures. Your feet will not suffer from summer’s heat and is protected from the cold of winter.

3. Super Comfortable Foot Shape Design For Women’s Feet

A super comfortable foot shape means one thing for our customers; the best footwear experience. This technology uses 3 exclusive measures that comply with the anatomy of the foot, to avoid squashed toes and cuts,increasing comfort from heel to toe. Shape memory also allows the shoe to maintain the shape of a new pair of shoes while moulding to the shape of your feet.

4. Finally Drysystem to protect you feet and shoes from moisture and sweat

Damp shoes are never fun, especially with sweaty feet. The DrySystem reduces the sensation of wetness caused by perspiration of the feet. This excellent technology does not stain stockings making for a confident finish. Impermeability means your feet are protected from dampness; even your favourite blue suede shoes will not stain in the wet!

Resistance tested for 500,000 flexes!

Piccadilly’s high performance materials are subjected to several resistance and quality tests. For instance, the bending resistance test simulates walking movements with Piccadilly material upper resisted to 500.000 flexes, without suffering any alterations. International laboratories consider 35.000 flexes as reference for an excellent performance, giving customers an indication of the supreme quality Piccadilly has to offer.

Going Green with Piccadilly Women’s Shoes from Brazil!

Piccadilly is recognized among retailers and customers as being concerned with providing environmentally friendly shoes, now introducing “Eco Alter Nappa”. This innovative high performance material has a coating made from 50% vegetable oil; a renewable natural resource.

Eco Nappa is part of Piccadilly’s ongoing commitment to using more sustainable materials. Its uniform finish does not have any marks or colouring stains. Piccadilly also performs 100% of its soles bonding with water based adhesives, without solvents in its compositions.

This system reduces the number of collaborators exposed to the risk of chemical products, alongside ensuring bigger efficiency in the assembling process; making it healthier and safer for our customers and the environment.

Our luxurious materials when worn over a long period of time do not wrinkle, travel well and are waterproof!

The designs are modern and contemporary, colourful and different because that is the Brazilian culture, exuding adaptability while showcasing high fashion, country flair and contemporary designs.

Now we can have it all too, for the first time in New Zealand, Piccadilly is on a mission with a passion- delivering quality shoes at affordable prices to the everyday woman. The Newmarket branch is located on 12, Teed Street, and comes with a super friendly team dedicated to cater any customers’ footy needs.

Piccadilly women feel good and look good, they are comfortable in their skin and shoes and this is an essential message we want to put forward.

Walk with Brazilian style, walk with Brazilian quality, walk with Brazilian inspiration! Piccadilly Women’s Shoes made in Brazil since 1955!

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