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A Flight Attendant best shoes for travel

Marina Medvedeva

Posted on July 30 2014

Nestled quietly in my airplane seat, lunchtime is over and passengers have lulled into a deep sleep. I need a drink and press the “service,” button. Along comes a stylish flight attendant- I think about how tiring it would be, constantly being on your feet, this flight in particular is eleven hours long.  I notice her shoes and compliment them. She smiles and says, “these are Piccadilly shoes, the 568 Flight Attendant, 8cm heels, totally comfortable I don’t feel any strain at all,” easy breezy, she whips off to get my drink-I have a ponder, who would not want to take shoe advice from a flight attendant? If anyone knows which shoes will treat your feet right and demand attention on a night out, it’s a flight attendant.


Just recently a cabin crew member from Jetstar told us about her favorite pair of comfortable cabin shoes from Piccadilly, -“I’ve started wearing them in the cabin and the sole is very soft, I notice I can actually stand up all day without my feet getting sore. I really love how soft the sole of the shoes are,”- we love feedback and this keeps us innovative and ahead of the footwear game.
Piccadilly have understood working women from its early beginnings, which is why we have developed so many household technologies that amalgamate into one great shoe. Incorporating our fantastic four; silent heel, super mould, dry system, and maxi therapy technology make for a perfect mix. While these shoes are specially designed for cabin crew, Piccadilly have made this diverse line fit for any professional need. So, if you are always on the go and up on your feet, this line is the right one for you.

Our business line currently consists of seven top quality options with classical style and comfort, perfect for professionals who work in uniform. Piccadilly is recognized for its superior quality and supplies shoes to many airline companies such as Air Caraïbes, Rutaca, El Al, Gulf Air, Etihad Airwaves, Abu Dhabi Aviation, British Airwaves, Air Austral, Air Mauritius,TRIP Linhas Aéreas, Tam, Gol, and Azul. From this impressive list it is easy to see why Piccadilly’s special comfort has become popular worldwide and a staple for so many women. In the skies or on land we are the number one choice for many!

This unique line feature non slip soles to provide extra grip making it easy to rush around without worrying about a fall, gel lining for extra comfort, front mesh for softness and absorption. Piccadilly business shoes also have notched-toe detail for extra room for your toes with Piccadilly cloud technology featured in soles, toe and heel counters; this ensures supreme comfort and reduced friction between your shoe and surface. Extra room makes for a wide enough shoe to support you all day and keep your feet from tiring out. Or as we have been told-as if you are walking on air!
Get ready for more feminine looks with ultimate comfort. Comfort is something that never gets old-nor does style, and this is our predominant focus. It is safe to say that Piccadilly shoes are a reference for “fabulous comfort”! If you haven’t had a look at our business line just head onto our website or come into our store at 12, Teed Street, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand. The website: www.piccadillyfootwear.com

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